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PDN Genesis
DHWS, Secure Mobile Emergency Comms Case

PDN Genesis
The PDN Genesis is a secure, mobile emergency comms case solution. This all in one solution will create secure network hotspots and runs on batteries for maximum usability.

#MMPNDH000208 (Orange) | #MMPNDH000207 (Gray)


  • Antenna
  • 110-120V AC Input/12V DC Input, Battery Level Indicator
  • Data Ports (Ethernet)
  • Cable Pouch, Field Manual
  • Cellular Gateway, Router, Standby Button


The PDN Genesis is a secure, mobile emergency comms case provisioned with all the hardware and software components needed to deploy a pop up network on the go. It’s a rugged closed-case solution that becomes the ultimate “WiFi Hotspot”, “Network-In-A-Box”, and a ready, accessible “go kit” for cellular, digital-data communications. The PDN utilizes high-gain cellular connectivity to allow its end-users to access and push & pull digital-data as needed per application.

PDN Genesis Closed Front


  • Onboard Cellular Gateway: Router/Modem
  • Cellular Antenna: Single Dome, High-Gain, Omnidirectional
  • AC/DC Power Sourcing
    • 2 Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries: Safe, Reliable, TSA Travel- Friendly FAA Compliant—Both Checked Luggage and Carry-On
    • Cable Pouch: SAE 12v DC External Port for Operating, 120/110v AC External Port for Charging and Operating
    • 2 External LAN/WAN Ethernet Configurable Ports
    • DC and AC Power Inputs
  • Quick-Connect Harness System
  • Battery Charger
  • Rugged, Impact-Resistant Case
  • WiFi Hotspot
  • Enterprise Networking
  • GPS Tracking

How It Works:

The PDN Genesis from DH Wireless Solutions is provisioned with all the hardware and software components to deploy a network on the go. Get a portable data network solution featuring secure, closed-case, network-in-a-box technology. The PDN Genesis was built with high-powered components to deliver real-time communications via cellular wireless Internet, WiFi, and voice connectivity in extreme conditions and remote locations. The PDN has a powerful on-board modem/router and built-in omnidirectional high-gain antenna, capable of accessing remote cell towers (depending on line of sight), and projecting a large WiFi bubble to provide access to users in the surrounding area. As an easy-to-use, closed-case solution, the PDN functions in the closed, latched position keeping its internal components secure and safe from external environmental hazards. To activate your PDN, simply:

  • Verify the Main Power Switch is in the “ON” position
  • Press an external Standby Button near the handle to activate the gateway and bring up the network, connecting with the nearest cell tower. The button will illuminate, indicating the modem/router is on.
  • Locate the available PDN WiFi network in your device.
  • Log your device into the available PDN network with your credentials.

In just minutes, you’ll establish a secure, Internet connection.


PDN Genesis



Material: Injected molded polypropylene based resin enhanced with several performance additives.

Performance: Weather-worthy, impact resistant, and light weight—similar to IP65 rating when case and ports are closed. Automatic pressure release system valve. Micro vent for air while preventing water from entering. Weight: Approx. 30 lbs. Dimensions: 19.8˝ x 16˝ x 7.6˝. Security: Nylon PowerClaw latches, TSA combination padlock capable.


Operating Temperature: -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)



2 separated absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries; up to 40 hours of operational use (load dependent). External battery indicator with low-power alert and charging indication.

FAA Compliant AC120-84; sealed batteries and complete power-down capabilities for safe air travel. TSA-friendly, both checked luggage and carry-on.



120/110v AC external port for charging and operating; NEMA 5-15P (3-prong) cord included.

12v DC external port for operating; 2 SAE cords included (12v auto and 2.5mm barrel connector). Power conditioning on DC prevents feedback and potential for arcs/sparks on accidental grounding. External power button—PDN can be fully utilized without ever needing to open the case.



S2 processor monitors and manages PDN power source options.

Ensures on-board batteries are at an optimal state of charge for the conditions.


2 external WAN/LAN configurable Cat 5 ports. 2 ethernet cables included.



Single dome, high-gain, omni-directional antenna with IP66 rating.

4X4 MiMo Wi-Fi elements, 4X4 MiMo LTE elements (allowing for two concurrent LTE connections with diversity elements), and GPS.

WiFi range: Up to 500+ feet from source. WiFi frequencies: 2.4/5.0GHz



Built in DHCP server | Stateful Firewall | IPSec capable | FIPS 140-2 compliant model available Policy-based routing | 802.11 b/g/n/ac | Multiple configurable SSIDs | Carrier agnostic

Onboard graphical user interface | GPS Reporting (in TAIP or NMEA) | VLAN support for 802.1Q 64–128 users across WLAN plus wired clients | Network failover capability

Cloud-based SaaS support included for configurations, updates, and alerts.



Works in conjunction with cellular gateway device.

Additional modem for two simultaneous, active cellular networks. Capability to augment bandwidth with load balancing.

Allows for housing of four cellular network SIM cards total.


Download the PDN Genesis (.PDF)

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